Cursed Gifts

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The spooky card game!

Spooky card game - Frankenstink


Spooky card game - Trollol


20 000 players !


20 000 players !

Cursed Gifts - spooky card game

Cursed gifts

The funniest card game! 🤪

Cursed Gifts is a crazy card game where the goal is to poison your opponents by offering them “Cursed Gifts” to eliminate them.


Dive headfirst into the game with a delightful array of fantastic goodies!

Spooky card game - Playmat


Very cool playmats to dive into the game deeper. Very helpful to play but not mendatory.

Two sizes : 
🥰 4 players ➡ 60x60cm / 24×24″
🤩 6 players ➡ 100x60cm / 40×24″

Spooky card game - sleeve

Card sleeves

A pack of 100 sleeves with a foil effect on the logo.
♻ Recyclable plastic.

Poison your opponents and have fun doing so!

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Deep gameplay

Lots of interactions

Poison your opponents!

Offer Cursed Gifts to get rif of your opponents and win the game.

Pay attention to your Cursed area.

If you have 10 points in your Cursed area, it’s over for you! Fill your opponents’ areas and try to keep yours gift-free!

Ruin the lives of your opponents!

Crush your opponents’ plans by using the cutest, most vile Treatcheries.

Protect your line!

Protect your butt with powerful Defences in reaction to your opponents’ attacks.

Never run out of cards

Refill your hand with the Draw cards by using them at the right time.

Get rid of cursed points in style

use Antidotes to discard Cursed Gifts from your area to stay in the game as long as possible!

Lots of interaction!

A dynamic game full of interactions that will result in fun times and lots of laughs!

Whether you win or lose, you'll have a good laugh!

Who cares if you win or lose? The important thing is to have a good time together… (and to get your REVENGE!!)

Spooky card game - Cursed Gifts

What is this game?

A game with wacky characters and fun mechanics, perfect to play with family or friends!

Cursed Gifts is a fun, family-friendly card game that will put your cunning skills to the test. The object of the game is to be the last player standing, using whatever means necessary to eliminate your opponents.

Are you ready to discover the true face of your friends and family?

Artist: Alex Petruk

A crazy, fun game by crazy French people!

Cursed Gifts is the translated version of “Maudits Cadeaux” a very successful game launched in 2022. “Maudits Cadeaux” has sold thousands of copies in France and Belgium to date.

The French version is rated 4.9 on Trustpilot

Florine and Olivier,
the brains behind Cursed Gifts

Spooky card game creators - Cursed Gifts

Easy to play

Even bird-brained can play it!

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The game is currently only available in English and French.


This game is Fatbulous,
I loved sinking my teeth into it.

Toilet paper mummy

I laughed so much while playing this game that my bandages cracked.

Wizardog of bones

This game is pure magic!
Playing it tickled my funny bone in all the right places!

Shitty karma

My friends eliminated me from the game. I’m coming for them.